‘Well, Well, Well, Well, Well, Well’ Compilation Track List

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By Sim

So along with certain packages in our Kickstarter campaign we are including a compilation from the Fashoda Crisis archive (full details available here http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1530916242/fashoda-crisis-album-almost-everyone-is-entirely-a). We have dug around and dusted off a whole host of forgotten material, some of which dates back to our very first trip to a studio way back in 2005. Also included are a couple of live sets, one from the four-piece days and one from before we released ‘Mischief…’ as a three-piece.  Obviously some songs have aged rather better than others, but you can be the judge of which have held up. Here are the details:

Well, Well, Well, Well, Well, Well Part One (Studio Recordings)


1. Mediocre Jones

2. You’re All Dead

3. Stephen Hawking Need Not Apply

4. A Pillowfull of Hair and a Bucket of Tears

5. Birdstrike

6. Ali Akmbah

7. Borders on Boring

8. What Would Jesus Drive?

9. Wrapped in Plastic

10. LifeWhistle

11. End The Horrors

12. Shave Your Forehead, Do You?

Well, Well, Well, Well, Well, Well Part Two (Demos and Live Recordings)

1.One Thousand Natural Shocks (Studio Demo)

2. U-Shaped Hands (Studio Demo)

3. N.R.R (Studio Demo)

4. A Kind of Meat (Studio Demo)

5. The Twisted Brainwrong of a One-Off Man-Mental (Studio Demo)

6. Charlie’s Genius (Studio Demo)

7. Borders on Boring (Live @ The Attik, Leicester)

8. Ali Akmbah (Live @ The Attik, Leicester)

9. Barry Ahmed Moustache (Live @ The Attik, Leicester)

10. Mediocre Jones (Live @ The Attik, Leicester)

11. You’re All Dead (Live @ The Attik, Leicester)

12. LifeWhistle (Live @ The Attik, Leicester)

13. Birdstrike (Live @ The Attik, Leicester)

14. A Pillow Full of Hair and a Bucket of Tears (Live @ The Attik, Leicester)

15. What Would Jesus Drive? (Live @ The Attik, Leicester)

16. What God Meant To Say (Live @ Riga)

17. Martin Luther King Zombie (Live @ Riga)

18. Another Mr Lizard (Live @ Riga)

19. Fight the White Fire (Live @ Riga)

20. Moremonkeythanmanman (Live @ Riga)

21. Cut Your Thumb (Live @ Riga)

22. Fidel (Live @ Riga)

23. Sorry Phil (Live @ Riga)

24. Commie (Studio Demo)

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