Almost Everyone is Entirely Average at Almost Everything – Kickstarter.

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By Sim

Gawd it’s been a long time since I posted an update on here (lost log-ins/broken computers/and bugger all news all contributed) but we’ve got something to shout about so shout from here we shall.


Today we launched a Kickstarter campaign (can Crowd funding be used by artists who don’t really pull a crowd? – we’ll see) for our forthcoming full length album ‘Almost Everyone is Entirely Average at Almost Everything’. We are currently arranging studio dates to go and record this filthy beast, which will be 12 tracks of oozing meat juices. But in a good way. We are pressing it on vinyl, and using the Kickstarter to get the ball rolling.

There are a whole host of extras available for those of you who get behind the campaign in the early stages including the mammoth compilation of unreleased tracks ‘Well Well Well Well Well Well’ – currently running to 36 tracks in length and a further Live session we’ll be recording at the amazing Musicbox studios in Cardiff.

Kickstarter campaign is here:

We are only asking for a paltry sum, and hopefully you people can help us reach and then obliterate it. Please help spread the word about the campaign which will be live for 60 days before closing.

Kiss Kiss


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