The Jowls of Justice e.p is Nigh…

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By Sim

Oh Lordy,

So we have bid farewell to 2012, a year stuffed full of promise for Fashoda, but that (despite the odd high) turned into a sour bag of disappointment. Such wonderful plans we had, by now you should be clutching in your mitts the most beautiful piece of vinyl that your innocent eyes ever did see, half Fashoda, half denim clad musical maniacs Strange News From Another Star. Alas, ’twas not to be. For a myriad of reasons, including but not limited to financial implosion, musical apathy, work, lack of work, ┬áthe end of SNFAS and the touring schedule of Future of the Left, the project became somewhat untenable. We thought about it, we could push ahead with it, but I suspect it would have been the low budget equivalent of the KLF burning piles of stinking cash. But depressing. Sometimes, I need to ensure there is food in my belly rather than boxes of vinyl cluttering my living room. This is sadly one of those times.


However ’tis not as bleak as that morbid opening paragraph may have led you to believe.

We put our heads together to decide what us Fashodas wanted to ‘achieve’ this year. We decided there were a lot of things. Topping the list were such things as: Record a full length album; Play some rather wonderful gigs; Get back to the Ukraine

We are doing all of these. As a result, we have decided to draw a line under the Jowls of Justice, and this means out it pops, not in it’s originally planned moneypit vinyl guise, but instead as a lovely free (unless you think it deserves to be paid for, in which case, we won’t stand in your way – if you like it and like us, and want to help fund our next caper, that would be lovely) download e.p. I’m sure we’ll be chucking a few extras in there for you lovely people too. I love this e.p, lyrically it makes me very proud indeed, and it would have been tragic to see it wither. I hope you enjoy it too. As of Monday 14th January, it shall be yours as much as it is ours.


Oh yeah and we’ve added a coupla gigs too.


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